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Anonymous asked:

Thank you for answer! I was wondering if you would like to discuss it further. Prsly I don't see the appeal of no government. I mean, what if a bridge broke for example. If there were no govrnmnt, who would deal with it? Wouldn't the company be the only one (who most likely were responsible for its maintenance)? If they fucked up once, isn't that enough? BP and oil spill comes into play as a comparison. problem here is that there is a disconnection between proft and consumer happiness.

Of course, I would love to. 

The simple answer is that the community would rebuild it, as everything would belong to it. There would be no private firms, in such a scenario. 

I agree that taking the government out of the equation, without changing everything else, ranging from our economic system to culture and mindset, would be disastrous. Governments came about for a very good reason, and they filled a void (as did firms).

However, what I would argue, is that a complete change of system, where the economy would function completely differently (with private property being supplanted by community ownership), and where mindsets would operate very differently (more humanist, with stronger empathetic bond with the rest of the species on a biological level), such a void would no longer exist. Governance, which is essential, would happen without a government. Humanity would self-govern. 

Essentially, it’s not a question of taking the government out of the equation, but rather changing the entire equation. 

Which I would agree, is no small feat, and I believe humanity would be more capable of establishing and maintaining such a system once technological advances empower us, and once evolution makes us more equipped to be compassionate (humanity’s greatest evolutionary tool, that our current system utterly neglects).  

But so long as we have this system, I see (a well structured) government as a necessary regulator and check against excesses, be they private or public (though it must be admitted that a lot of factions within governments are responsible, or at least complicit, in such excesses). What I would argue however is that citizens would make for a better check, to governments and corporations alike, hence why I favor a liberal democracy for the time being. 

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